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About Us

Conexus has a talented team of individuals with countless years of experience in metals and recycling.

Business Model Based on Value Addition & Real Economy Linkage

Conexus Resources’ works with counterparts in the scrap, remelters, secondary metals segment to manage the physical flow of metals. Our activities underpin commercial & industrial development as well as developed & emerging markets in a sustainable manner, by reducing the requirement for primary mining, and actively promoting & growing the re-use and recycling value chain.


Our Key Pillars of Strength


Team Track Record

100+ years of combined experience in base metals, recycling and bulk commodities

Geographical Expertise

Experience in handling trading, logistics and fixed assets in China, Africa, Southeast Asia, India, South America, Eastern Europe


Selective Integration

Our team is specialised in merchanting and remelting of secondary metals.


Multidimensional Diversation

Diversification across product categories, suppliers and buyers

Risk Management

Key emphasis on risk across every level of the business, combining team pedigree, with leading technology solutions as well as robust policies and processes

Product Expertise

Product experience across ferrous & non-ferrous products

Headquarters: 14 Brook's Mews, London, England, W1K 4DG