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Conexus is always looking to improve it’s methods of remelting secondary metals to improve Carbon efficiency.

Responsible Business

Metals are a critical part of the energy transition as well as general infastructure in developed & emerging markets. Between 2020 to 2025. aluminium and steel demand is expected to see significant growth of 57% and 50% respectively. With copper increasing by 26%.


To sustain the planet for current and future generations, nutrition is key. Accordingly, we support several initiatives and organisations in the UK and India centered around child nutrition.


Aside from our activities in secondary & scrap metals, we are also supporters of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, an international charity and action group focused on coastal cleaning, education programs, technology development and scientific research.


We are actively engaged with the recycling community and industry bodies to increase recycling efficiency rates and spreading awareness at a grassroots level to reduce the quantum of metals which end up in landfill.


Tonnes of Co2 emissions avoided in 2021 by secondary & scrap aluminum accomplishments.

Headquarters: 14 Brook's Mews, London, England, W1K 4DG